NAKODA is one of the “reliable” suppliers of an entire range of speciality dairy ingredients, ethically sourced from domestic and international origins having applications in a wide range of industries.


Our product finds novel applications within the food industries like - Bakers, Milk Dairies, Manufacturers of Confectioners, Biscuit, Ice Cream, Sports & Nutritional Supplements, Pharma, Flavour & Seasonings and many more.


Given our Seven + decades of experience in the Dairy and allied industry, having Headquarters in Bangalore, we have a country wide establishment and network facilities, so sound that we are seamlessly able to serve our clients placed across the length and breadth of the country.


NAKODA had its humble beginnings in a remote town of India in the year 1940 when it was founded by Late Shri Niyalchandji Punamiya. Being a firm believer in business ethics and sound trade practices, he created an enterprise, based on honesty and consistency. Initially its activities started from distribution of FMCGs of various global giants and later on diversified into sales, distribution, marketing and manufacturing of dairy products.


NAKODA has proven to be THE RELIABLE PARTNER to its various clients and emerged as a leading manufacturer, and supplier of dairy products.


Our Values

With focus on customer-centricity, we suppy the finest quality dairy ingredients that fulfills all our customers dairy products requirements ultimately satisfying their customers. We believe in catering to the needs of all our customers therefore we supply an comprehensive portfolio of dairy ingredients for all their businesses.

ETHICAL SOURCING : All our products (imported & domestic) conform to FSSAI norms & Animal Quarantine regulations. Our products come with all the necessary certifications which are as per the Food Safety Management System requirements enabling us to have complete traceability from Farm to Fork level.

COMMITMENT: We are committed to our business and honour our word with respect to the quality, delivery deadlines & price contracts which makes us a “reliable strategic ingredient partner”

Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is to enable every business and provide them with the opportunity of procuring the finest-quality of our comprehensive range of premium dairy ingredients.

There are three main components to our mission: Who, What, and Why.

● Who: We aim to serve the dairy ingredient requirements of the food industry across India.

● What: We strive to provide our cstomers with only the finest quality of dairy ingredients .

● Why: To establish NAKODA DAIRY as the hallmark of quality dairy ingredients.